Send Values with Timestamp



I am sending timstamp data from my particle to ubidots using webhooks. This is the guide I used

But the issue I am facing is the timstamp data is not being used on the dashboards. What am I missing? I want the dashboards to use the timstamp to plot the graphs and not the actual time the webhook was received.


Greetings, please review your variable’s timestamp, this is the one that is used by the dashboard to plot values:

The example that you are using sends the timestamp obtained by the Particle method and this is the one that is plotted in your dashboard.

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@jotathebest does the Particle method have to be formatted in any special way?


no, now()returns the actual unix timestamp in seconds, the library in the background multiplies it by 1000 to send it as milliseconds in order to be accepted by our REST API.

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