SIM808 GPS tracking and Ubidots library problems


Hi everybody!
I’m currently trying to wrap my head around how i can use the SIM808 gps with Ubidots gprs library.
I think i have tried almost every possible solution for my problem.
Since i’m using the ubidots gprs library, its nor possible to use the FONA library to getGPS() also.
If i edit the library, and put in the AT commands for activating the gps (AT+CGNSPWR=1) and the command for getting the gps info (AT+CGNSINF) it shows up in the serial monitor, but i have yet to find a way to grab that line and parse it into something useful. As you can tell i’m not good at programming but i try my best :slight_smile:
Another thing i have tried is modifying the getGPS part of the fona library and putting it in to the ubidots library. I think i have got all the variables and additional .h files that i need, and it compiles, but it does not compile when i add the getGPS() in the sketch.
Can someone please help me get this thing working?ubidots-arduino-gprs-webasto (8.9 KB)


Hello @glenern!

First, if the GPS info shows up in the serial monitor that’s mean you are able to initialize it and obtain it properly. At this point, you should save the response obtained (GPS info) to parsed it later in order to save the parameters obtained to be sent to the Ubidots Platform.

It’s important to mention that the Ubidots Libraries are build to make the get started of the users easier, for this reason I highly recommend to the users that once they start working with their own projects, take an idea of the initial library to build their ones with all their needs. In this case, you just will need the AT commands guide and the Ubidots REST API Reference to start working with your Library.

Referencing to the other problem, I can try from my side in order to let you know if I’m able to reproduce your inconvenience. For this, can you provide me all the libraries besides of the code?

All the best,
Maria C.