[SOLVED] Getting data from ubidots using android studio


At this very moment the Java Library only let’s you get information from the Devices and Variables only using IDs.

I think a workaround for this would be that after you obtain the information using the library just make a filter for the Devices and Variables and return only what you need.

Here’s a link to StackOverflow where someone answered how to do that filtering in Java. If you’re using Android Studio 3.0, you don’t need to do anything extra to activate the Java 8 features, but if you’re not using Android Studio 3.0 then you have to activate the Jack toolchain, but remember that Jack is now being deprecated.


I’m not getting that. I don’t know how to apply filter on Ubidots java library… Should i use REST API (HTTP request) to get the device and variables by their label?


The filter would not be applied on top of the library but in its results, i.e. the array of Devices/Variables you receive.

You can use the HTTP API to get Variables by their label, there’s no way to get Devices by their label, yet.


would you please suggest me an easy way to solve my problem… i have created multiple devices using the mac address and each have 3 variables i just want to get the data of particular device variables using device label so that the user with unique device label (mac address) can get his own data.


I’m waiting for your reply


i try that code but unfortunately close app . and data 0 .
i am new about android studio and the code.