[SOLVED] How to show if sending device gone offline? data old?


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I would like to know if there is a method to show if my sending device has been disconnected or went offline or showing data is too old.

example : my sending device has interval of 60 seconds and if last count was like 15 mins old I can make an event so I will react upon it.
because my receiving device dose not know if my sending unit became offline and it will keep displaying the last value no matter how old. and maybe make it as indicator on the dashboard as online offline .


Is there an event for "remote sensor not connected for the last XX hours"?

Hi @Juma and all, this is in the works and will look like this:

Sorry it has taken us longer than expected; although the feature is ready, we still need to test it further since it involves a complex queueing system to be able to verify this type of events on a large scale. Will definitively let you know when it’s live.


This is what I would like use them in for live data feed. just for end user to be informed what is he looking at.

Absolutely brilliant
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Makes perfect sense; the new event could use the action “set variable” to set a variable to “1”, then your dashboard can update accordingly. The display looks amazing by the way!


Any idea when this feature will be available? Also, it would be nice if the event had the option to only trip once per switch from active to inactive. Most people will want to send an email to themselves in the event their device goes offline, but they won’t want to receive multiple emails.


Bump. I was wondering when this will be available as well. I have been waiting on this functionality.


When the feature (IF “variable” Has been inactive ) will be available. That’s going to be great. Please tell us when .
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Hello @Mandymiur it s available now in Ubidots, go to Envents add new event and you can see it in this label:

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Excellent!!! Many Thanks…


@Mandymiur You are welcome.


Hi, an additional option to this feature, is to alert again when the data becomes active again. Best regards, Marco


Hi @marcobrianza

Thanks for the suggestion, we will be looking at the possibility of implementing this feature.

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Catalina M.


Hi,Please tell me if this feature is working, because a few days ago I do not receive sms or e-mails, when the feature “has been inactive” is activated to send alerts when more than 10 minutes have passed.I do not receive mails or sms . Thank you


With telegram works, but with sms and email I have not been lucky.I’m going to try again. Maybe it was an error in configuring the event.


Has anyone tried this with changing some variable value as a trigger effect? Ain’t working for me, I’m trying to switch off an indicator when it’s not updated for more than 3 minutes, something like control signal send by the device every minute.

Any experiences with this feature?


I’m not receiving event trigger emails for inactive variables. Values > work, but inactive for any amount of time does not. Any help is appreciated.


Hi Metavix -

Am I able to display this on the dashboard as well?

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can i see what this pic looks like please?


Hi there, if your device has transmitted recently (6 hours in the past) you will see an indicator blinking in your device list:

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