Ubidots Dashboards require refresh to see the latest and event not function?


The whole thing work fined yesterday, but when I try today, the data on the dashboard wont refresh to the new one, it require me to refresh my browser to see the latest. And the event wont trigger when the condition meet, not receive telegram and e-mail notification any more. How can solve this problem?


Dear @jynhao94,

During the last days the Educational Ubidots License have been in maintenance, for this reason you had presented those issues. Please let us know if are you still presenting the inconvenience

If you already have your IoT solution working stable, we highly suggest you take a look of the features that offers the Business Ubidots License in order to improve your solution. For more information, see the article below:

Feel free to request a free trial if is desired!

All the best,
Maria C.