I am having troubles connecting my Zolertia Remote to Ubidots. I am using the following link: http://help.ubidots.com/connect-your-devices/connect-a-zolertia-re-mote-to-ubidots-using-ipv6 . I am not using external sensors. I think I am misunderstanding the step with the ubidots.h file. The code that request the token info is commented off and I am confused, Please help.


Greetings, this is the official guide from the contiki developer website: https://github.com/g-oikonomou/contiki/tree/ubidots-demo/examples/ipv6/ubidots, please follow it.
As it was developed by an external developer and not by us, we cannot guarantee its functionality, btw I noticed that the IPV6 of the Ubidots remote Host is not right, it should be 2607:f0d0:3:b::2 .

Hope it helps you.