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Arduino Nano Family, a new way to deploy your next IoT projects

Just like last year at this time, Arduino unveils a new family board at the most recent Maker Faire Bay Area. The Arduino Nano Family is thought and designed to fit any electronic project in an affordable way, including multiple capabilities to build anything you picture on your mind, and better yet, with a low power battery management.

For the last few years, Arduino (the company leading open source ecosystem for hardware projects.), has been used by students and makers to build their own gadgets and school projects, as well as professionals to build PoC of end products.

Arduino Nano Family is based on a powerful Arm Cortex processor that brings better specs to anyone's electronic project, and more importantly, at a low cost. Now you can get a high quality Arduino board - Nano Every just for $9,90. In case you need to extend the everyday functionalities, such as to monitor and control devices' sensors and actuators remotely, you can do it using the Nano 33 IoT board for $18,00.

To better understand in-depth technical specifications about the Arduino Nano Family, we strongly recommend to  check out  the following blog post published by Hackster.

Introducing Four New Arduino Nanos - Say “hello!” to the next generation of Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano Every - $9.90 | Arduino Nano 33 IoT - $19.00 | Arduino Nano 33 BLE - $19.00 | Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense - $29.50

We're really excited with this game-changing release and its impact on the  STEM community, we’re looking forward to receive the Nano 33 IoT in our lab to test it with Ubidots and continue building amazing and intuitive IoT projects.

Did you pre-ordered your board? If not, today is your day! :)

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