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Particle and Ubidots IoT projects grow fast every day - Thanks Dev Community!👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻💙

A few months ago we had the pleasure to announce the release of the last version of Ubidots Particle Library that supports the easy and quick integration of the new generation kits with Ubidots.

Since we heard about pre-release of Particle Mesh boards we were eager to get hands-on with them to start developing stunning IoT projects for the developer community. Today, we can say that it was worth the wait.

The mesh network technology offered by Particle Mesh boards is a game changer for the IoT industry and we could immediately notice it after the release of the Ubidots library. Probably you will be asking why, right? We noticed that the number of library's downloads shown in the Particle console started increasing much more than before, so we intuitively got the answer.

In case you're not familiar yet with the Mesh Technology check out this guide, it will give you the best introduction. - Trust me.😉

We get really excited any time we realize metrics grow in a positive way  because we love to see the good result of our hard work which is made with long hours, a couple of coffees and so much love. That's why we want to share our internal Ubidots Dashboard with the Developer Community so you can join our excitement. In addition,this is our way to thank you because without you the amazing IoT projects that are being built for the different industries around the world would be never possible. You're all enhancing the IoT ecosystem.

With nothing else to say... Here it is, an Ubidots Dashboard reporting the Particle Library Download metrics in real time:

Access the Dashboard here.

Feel entirely free to share it, but don't forget to tag @ubidots and @particle. It will be a pleasure for us to see your support as well! 🤗

We partnered with Particle a  few years ago, and we can openly say that our products are being used in conjunction for different IoT industries around the world by IoT entrepreneurs, small and big companies who really want to change the world enabling the data-driven future.

If you're already part of the train, thanks for trusting us. We keep working hard to bring more things for the community. If you’re not, don't worry we'll leave some links to Hackster, a developer community where you can encourage your exploration to start developing your next IoT project. 😄

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