Ability to display context on widgets/charts

Hello, A huge request from our customers is to incorporate contextual information into certain widgets/charts.

For example, the ability to hover over a point in time and see some additional contextual information (e.g., lot #, SKU #, Log #, Comments, Operator, etc), especially for line and bar charts, from data obtained either from a device or a manual entry widget. Ubidots already has an ability to store non-numerical contextual information, and this feature would be extremely useful IMHO.

Is something like this possible? Any plans to incorporate something like this?

Thank You!

Hello @qntfy,

I hope this message finds you well.

We already support the visualization of context information at specific widgets:

  • Metric

If you open the HTML editor, you can configure which context keys you want to display.


  • Values table: adding a context column.

  • Device table: adding a context column.

  • Variable table: adding a context column.

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