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Add Asset by User

creating a fleet management solution. The requirement is, end-user should able to add an asset through front end by clicking a button “add”. On click of this “add”, solution should duplicate the existing asset dashboard as a new page with all the widgets and logic for the new asset ccreated automatically.
What are all the widgets I should use to achieve this? Please suggest some examples for this. Thanks.

Hi @mail2rajesh70

I hope this note finds you well.

While there is no option exactly as you describe it. We have a feature called Device Type, that allows you to automate Device and task (Dashboard, Events, or Device Group addition) creation, so once the device transmits data for the first time, you can have Ubidots creating all these resources on your behalf based on a pre-existing template. Once you have created the Device Types needed, you only need to share with your clients the information of the device, meaning the label and the device token, so they can start transmitting data and automatically the events and Dashboards will be ready to control and see.

Let me know if you need further assistance.

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