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Adding Arduino R4 WIFI

Hello everyone! I am excited that i finally received my R4. My R4 has a Expressif ESP32 S3 on it. When I go to add device I am a bit confused. If I click Arduino I don’t see it. If I choose espressif I don’t see it either. How to correctly add this arduino board. Thank you!

Hello, @jimmy747

I hope this note finds you well,

In order to get started with that device I suggest you check the Arduino official guide so you can install the UNO R4 WiFi board package in your IDE.

I hope you find that information useful and wish you a happy coding.



Sorry for my late reply. Thank you santiago. I did that. the board works well with the WiFiS3.h examples.
I am having a hard time finding a small tempearture variable display on a gauge in Ubidots. I have done it with my ESP32 but I also would like that to work with R4. Thank you.