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Are dashboards available on the Android app?

I have a STEM account which I use with an iSpindel device. I have a couple of dashboards set up, which I can see on the web, but can’t find a way to display these on the Android app. I can see my device and all parameters, and I can see all data readings as lists, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to display dashboards. Is there something I’m missing?

Extra background: my account was de-activated and only recently re-activated. In the process of trying to get it working, I uninstalled the app I had before – which did display dashboards. I wonder has the app itself changed, or is there some setting I need to toggle to enable it to display dashboards as it did before.

My app version is 1.1.18, my username is nebularider.

I’m starting to think I’ve posted this in the wrong place… Can anyone advise what the correct forum would be, please? Where it may be seen by Ubidots support :slight_smile:


Greetings @nebularider I hope you are doing great.

First of all, let me excuse myself for the delay in our response.

As for the information that you request, the Ubidots application does not yet supports dashboards but listing individually each device’s information as in the screenshots below:

However, as you can see in the “Planned”, dashboards is a feature for the incoming versions of the app:

Best regards

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