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Assign input value to text string

I am reading a sensor connected to an esp32 and checking the readings against a pre-set value. If the value read is above the pre-saved value, a number, for example “1” is returned and stored as an int in a variable. This variable is then sent to Ubidots using the MQTT protocol. I would like to set up “notifications” in the Ubidots dashboard, using the metric widget. Is it possible to have the int assigned to a text string? Eg. the value “1” is received in ubidots, and is assigned to f.ex. “The value is too high”, and print that in the dashboard?

Hello @igdes

In your ESP32, you could send the value and the String assigned in the context of the dot, click here to obtain more information. That way, you’ll be able to use the variables table widget to visualize the context and value of your variable in the dashboard.

I’ll be attentive to your comments.

Best Regards,

– Leonardo