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Automatically export a report only after a process is finished

Hi there,

I have some devices that perform a certain process, they need to be turned on and off manually. After each operation I need a report with the values of certain variables, for example temperature - average, max and min values through the process. My question is, is there a way to automatically export a report with this data? I tried the analytics and creating a report but it only has options to add information from a certain time period and I only need it once a process has been completed.

Also, the customization of the report table is pretty bad, is there a way to sort the variables in a column and their values in rows next to them instead of how it is now? Currently if I add all the variables I need information from, it just turns into one very long row with 20+ variables and a few values below for each one.

If anyone has any solutions or ideas I’d really appreciate the help!