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Battery Widget - Decimal Point


The battery widget doesn’t allow to enter the comma for higher precision such as “4,2” into the range value fields.

The presented keyboard only offers “.”, which when used, clears the edit field. (I guess the field validates the input, realizes it should get only numbers and comma)
When I enter the value into a text editor “4,4” and copy it over, the value is accepted by the field.

Please note that I’m in Germany where comma is used as separator.

Expected: keyboard allows to enter “,” in locales where this used as decimal point.

I wanted to attach system details and a screenshot but it looks like the system doesn’t allow me to do so (yet).


Android 10
API level: 29
Release: REL
Incremental: G973FXXS9DTK9
Kernel type: Linux
Kernel version: 4.14.113-20034833
Build number: QP1A.190711.020.G973FXXS9DTK9

Manufacturer: samsung
Model: SM-G973F

Br Michael

Hello @msonst,

thank you for sharing your question with the community.

Now, can you please advise which text field are you referring to?

Sure, I thought this was obvious, sorry :slight_smile:

The range value fields.


@msonst, I’m sorry for the delay in replying.

Now, currently choosing the decimal separator for the admin account is not possible. However, I’ll create an internal request, so the product team can consider it.

Should an update comes up, I’ll let you know.