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Best source for Dashboard and Dashboard Widget Documentation

Everyone - Is there a good place where I can see reasonably complete dashboard documentation? I’ve looked and it isn’t obvious to me.

I would have expected on the Ubidots Dashboard page - A link for example that has fairly detailed docs - like the API docs - but for the dashboard. While many things seem obvious, I think there is quite a bit of capability that currently can only be found while searching on this community.


Good day @marlanw,

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You can find guides to create Dashboards and Widgets in the Ubidots help center, the following are the ones I recommended you to start looking at:

To refer to the help center directly from the Ubidots platform, just click on the question mark icon on the top right corner, and select the Help center option.

Please let us know if you have further questions.


Thank you Isabel. If your team finds the time, organizing these so beginners can find these easily might be helpful.

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