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Calendar date selection bug when listing variables data

Listing variables data by date range: when manually entering the starting or/and ending date, the inputs are ignored. It only works if both the starting and ending date/time are selected via the selection widget.

Please check, it is really inconvenient if you have to search for data often.

Hi @digifish

Thank you for your report, we appreciate you taking the time to share it.

We will proceed to reproduce it and understand why it’s happening.
If indeed a bug, or some sort of UX error, we will let you know.


Greetings @digifish, hope you are doing great.

I just wanted to let you know that, what you mention, is actually the intended way in which the feature was proposed, however, our team is working full engine in order to bring new features updates, one of them is to allow the users to manually input the date as you describe.

By now, manual input is supported on our Reports module:

However, it will soon be available on the calendar.

-Juan David-


getting this data via the reports is not a good solution for our client, sorry.

Could you please check the date selector bug? It is a really small update to make, a few lines of code, and this would work both ways - either selecting or entering manually.