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Can multiple Types be defined for the TTS plugin

After selecting TTS plug-in and the Type is automatically defined, can I define new Types for each device type I use?

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The Plugin creates the Devices while automatically assigning the Device Type, however, after that you may change the Device Type for the Devices as required. That is, the Plugin shouldn’t reassign the TTS Device Type once another Device Type has been assigned.

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Thanks Sebastian. This is great news.

I believe then that a BEST practices MIGHT be to define new TTS TYPES things like “battery low alert voltage” and other metadata that would go with specific device types.

I was wondering for end nodes that you might want to send DOWNLINKS to, maybe the downlink instruction could be defined in the TYPE and then it could be accessed in the EVENT WebHook.

I think the TYPE can do much more than people think. Any advice would be welcome.

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Is there a way to duplicate the TTS Device Type so I don’t have to create one-by-one?

Hello @marlanw

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As of now, it is not possible to duplicate a device type from our UI but you can retrieve via API a device type and get its properties and information to create a new one. Please check the device types API documentation here.