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can send variable database from ubidots account to another ubidots account?

I have two ubidots accounts. one of my accounts is a trial and can the database variabel from the trial account be moved to a second non-trial account that I created?

Greetings @As, hope you are doing great.

At this moment there is no feature that allows you to export a device’s data from account to account.
What you can do to accomplish this is to use the Export Device Data feature which lets you download a .CSV file containing the information of your interest, in this case, lets say a variable’s data since the creation of the device.

Once you have the .CSV file with the data that you require, you can code a python script that upload such data to the device in the account in which you want the data to be.

Given the fact that Ubidots support sending bulk data to a device, your python script could read every row in the .CSV file and make a request (according to the docs) to the desired device in order to send the data to it.

I hope that this was helpful on your IoT journey. Let us know!

Best regards.