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Cannot save simple synthetic variable

Hi! I have following problem: I came back to Ubidots after a few months and I wanted to update formula for calculating my synthetic variable. The variable looks as following:

Few months ago it was working properly as the image shows. But now I cannot edit the variable formula or create new one from scratch - it always fails the validation:

No matter what it always shows the ‘failed sign’ whether it is simply rewriting the device variable, “1+1”, “1” or anything even thought it used to work. I’ve got STEM plan, one device - experimenting with brewing measuremengs. Could you please advice?

I noticed the same! Also, existing Synthetic Variables don’t show the green checkmark when attempting to edit, although they continue to work.

I get the same. The browser is returning this error:
{“code”: 402001, “message”: “Your current plan does not include synthetic feature.”}

Hello to everyone,
Thank you for posting at our Community Forum.

We have found the reason why it isn’t allowing you to create or modify Synthetic Variables. We’re already working to get the fix up, we extend our apologies for this inconvenience.

I’ll update this thread once this issue has been resolved.

Best regards,


It appears to be fixed. is that correct?

Hello @cdg,

Yes, I can confirm that this issue has now been fixed. It should be possible to create and edit Synthetic Variables now.

Best regards,