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Can't access profile, device and events were wiped after migrating account from paid to STEM

I recently paused my paid and inactive account as I did not need the paid features for a while. Today, I decided to resume and temporarily use the STEM features. However, after choosing to migrate my paid account to STEM, my devices and events were all wiped out. I am also currently looking for the IoT entrepreneur plan that I bought before but I don’t see it in any of the plans now.

Badly need help to have the devices and events back.

I was able to pay for my remaining balance by directly accessing the billing page in the URL. However, the devices and events before the migration in my account are still missing.

Greetings @jvalle I hope you are doing great.

I just logged into your account and I found you have the following:

  • A device labeled “arduino-gasulerto” whose ID is 63f22ef623bec2000e59f02a
  • 5 webhook action events.

Might I be missing something over here?

Keep in mind that your current plan (STEM) offers:

  • A dashboard with 10 widgets
  • 3 devices

You can check the complete set of features in the following article.

Best regards

–Juan David

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Thanks! A prior activation was also done and the devices and events were recovered. This may be tagged as solved.