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Can't create a new token on STEM

Hi, I’m trying to create a new token, I only have the default one. When I click the + (add new token) I’m prompted for a name. There is a dropdown underneath this for rate limit which I cannot change (greyyed out)

When I click the tick I get the error “you have exceeded the maximum rates available in your plan”

How Can resolve this?

Hello Hrk,

The error message you’re seeing suggests that you’ve reached the maximum number of tokens or rate limit allowed by your current Ubidots plan. If you need more tokens or a higher rate limit than your current plan allows, consider upgrading to a higher tier plan. The Industrial license and above offer custom API rate limits.

Please take a moment to explore the following link to learn more about our Plans. Ubidots pricing — View our features and flexible plans

Note: Remember, when creating a new token, the rate limit option will be greyed out if you’re on a plan that doesn’t support custom rate limits. In such cases, tokens will have a fixed rate limit (for example, 4 requests per second for device tokens).

Best regards,