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Client.add , Client.senAll error

When use Client.add and sendAll, follow by message that exit status 1 ‘class Ubidots’ has no member named ‘sendAll’.

Before asking, I checked that https://ubidots.com/community/t/solved-client-add-error-no-add-in-ubidots-class-with-arduino-uno-and-esp8266plz-help-i-have-update-all-header-file/1503.

I got 1.8.12 version’s arduino IDE , library that ubidots-mqtt-esp-master, ubidots-esp8266-serial-master, ubidots-esp8266-master. This problem give no chance to find next work. It is sad …

Since a long time ago, the sendAll() method is not exposed in our library anymore. Please refer to the library docs to know the available methods.

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what can I use instead sendAll(true) ?

Please refer to the shared link in my previous post.

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thank you just wanted to ask if this library will work or not https://github.com/ubidots/ubidots-esp8266/tree/metavix/new_functions

that’s a very old and outdated branch, I am not sure if it works, we only give support to the latest stable version of the library in the master branch.

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