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Comment connecter SIM808L au courtier MQTT

I am working on a GPS device using Arduino UNO and SIM808L, I want to use MQTT protocol to send GPS data to server, therefore, I just want to connect MQTT broker using SIM808L.
My problem is that I am unable to connect MQTT broker with SIM808L.
** I want you to say that how to connect SIM808L to MQTT broker **?


Based on the SIM808 Product overview it seems that this GSM/GPRS+GPS Module doesn’t support MQTT, at list not natively embedded, although there’s an “SIM800 Series_MQTT_Application Note_V1.03” that says some module of the SIM800 series supports MQTT.
You can login to SIMCOM and download the guide

With this in minds, I’d recommend considering connecting your SIM808L over HTTP. You can refer to the below thread of a user that already pulled this off:

I also found this other post about connecting a SIMCOM module over MQTT but again, it all depends on whether or not the SIM808L supports MQTT.