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Commercial case: sell device-make account

Alex Semscoff semscoff@gmail.com
10:33 (9 ч. назад)
кому: maria.carlina.hernandez

Dear colleagues!
How to implement the scenario on your platform:

  1. I make devices and sell them.
  2. The customer buys and registers an account on his own.
  3. After that, it registers a device in it and gets access to the corresponding dashboard.
  4. What ID should I write to the device during production?
  5. How can a user create an account?
  6. How to add a device to it and tie a dashboard to it?
    Best regards

I have a same question

Good day Alex,

Thank you for sharing your business and commercial case.

Further, Ubidots does not yet have a tool for end-user self sign up nor device claiming, that is, enter a device ID and automatically have a dashboard attached to it.
Nonetheless, we are currently working on both features, being the self sign up page expected to be first delivered and followed by device claiming.

As of today, Ubidots end-user management is to be made by the account owner according to the below articles while the above mentioned features are developed and deployed.

If either you (@semscoff) or @Thuongnc have any additional commercial inquiries you can leave a note to sales@ubidots.com

Have a nice rest of your day.

All the best,