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My question is how often ubidots can update a message with a free account because I run a system based on NI LabVIEW that connects to the ubidots platform by TCP UDP every 1 ms. I send data but this does not allow me to update in ubidots, I do not know if it is because the free ubidots server takes a long time to update and cannot process at that speed since when I transmit every 250 ms I have no problem but I need the monitoring system to be very fast, what solution could it offer me . Thank you very much

Greetings, Ubidots has a limit of 4 requests per second (for more information, please refer here). Ubidots also offers higher sample times to customers with an industrial or greater license, if you own one of these licenses, feel free to ask for this feature using the embedded chat.

Nonetheless, besides that there is a higher rate sample option available, it is far from a sample rate of 1 ms, my advice to you is to send your dots in chunks to Ubidots. To do this, store your reads inside an array in your device and send data to Ubidots based on our REST API limits using any of the available IoT protocols, this way to send data requires that your device acts as a datalogger. You can find some examples to send data from datalogger at our docs.

All the best