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Confirmation that an event has been seen

Hi there,

I have some devices that need routine maintenance after a certain runtime has been reached. For example every 1000 hours of runtime a valve has to be tested. And I need to be able to get notifications for it. I created some events that keep track of my ‘runtime’ variable and send me an email once it reaches 1000.
However, I need this action to repeat every 1000 hours of runtime not just once. The events only allow me to re-trigger after a specific amount of time and not based on the value of the variable, but the devices aren’t running 24/7 so their runtime might not reach 1000 after 1000 hours for example. Is there a way to implement this faster than setting multiple conditions in the trigger like on value 1000 AND on value 2000 AND 3000 etc. The confirmation I mention in the heading is something I don’t think is possible now, but I’d like to know if something like a custom indicator in the dashboard that also shows that 1000 hours have been reached, and you need to click a button to mark that the event has been acknowledged/solved and keep track if each event has been acknowledged.

Also, is there a way to set who gets notified through the dashboard instead of editing the event every time I need to add a person? My guess is that I’d have to code a custom widget but if you have any ideas please let me know.

Greetings @vladdy

I hope you are doing great.

We offer a solution that aligns closely with your needs, though it might not encompass all your specific requirements: Runtime Widget, configured in ON/OFF mode,

Our Runtime widget tracks the duration (in hours, minutes, and seconds) a variable stays in the ON state (set to 1). Should the variable switch to OFF (0), the timer halts, only resuming from its last recorded value once the state returns to ON.

This logic is equally applicable if you aim to monitor the OFF state duration.

For example, in the following screenshot, the widget displays the amount of time that a variable has been to 1:


This might address part of your requirement, allowing you to gauge the operational time of your machine. However, it currently lacks an alert or event mechanism and the capability to acknowledge via a button.

However, this is a valuable feedback for us, so we can take into account common needs among our users.

I hope this serves you well and, if anything else comes up, please reach back to us

Best regards
–Juan David

Hi @JuanDavidTangarife,

Thanks for the feedback, I actually managed to create a custom HTML widget myself that is more of a countdown. It gets the runtime value and shows when the next maintenance period should be:


And this works fine for me, at least as an initial version. While we’re on the topic of monitoring ON/OFF state, I’ve had feedback from some users that sometimes the dashboard is paused and they haven’t seen it and wonder why the data doesn’t update or the widget doesn’t work as it is supposed to. I want to ask if there’s a way to get the dashboard state and display it in a widget somehow so it’s more clear to see. My guess is it would still have to be a custom HTML & JS implementation, if it’s possible to get the data that is.

Thanks again, have a great day!