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Connecting a Teracom TCG140 to Ubidots


Can anyone help me with the a guide on how to connect a Teracom TCG140 to Ubidots?

So far I have only connected a Senquip device to Ubidots which had a step-by-step guide and my knowledge is limited.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Greetings @JonV83, hope you are doing great.

After a quick inspection on the device’s documentation, I was able to find that it supports HTTP POST request and send either XML or JSON files.

Said so, the Functions module on our platform seems ideal for this task.

According to the picture above, you can set up to two different server URL’s to which the device will make the request. You can then create a Function which will receive the JSON sent from the device and parse the data accordingly so its data will be posted as a device on Ubidots.

Since I don’t have an idea of how the JSON looks like, I can’t currently give you a more detailed explanation on how to decode the incoming data on Ubidots’ side. However, I’d advise you to configure the device so it sends its data to a Function in JSON format, then you can check the Logs for that function in order to get a more detailed idea of the incoming JSON object. Like that, It would be a lot easier to write the decoder function.

Please reach back to us if you have any other question.

Best regards.