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Connection to Ubidots failed when changed esp8266-telemetry unit posting location

Hi, I have created a telemetry unit connecting to the ubidots to post sensor data. It works fine with both mobile phone hotspot and WIFI network at home. But, when i bring the unit to another location (which is not at home), the telemetry continues posting data, the network signal strength is strong but it failed to post data to ubidots dash board using the same SSID and key of the mobile phone hotspot. Any idea why? and how to rectify this problem?

Note: The link below is the setup used for the telemetry-ubidots connection.

Thank you.


Hello @fionasoon,

thanks for sharing your question with the community.

Now, could you please try setting the Ubidots method as follows?

Ubidots client(TOKEN, "industrial.api.ubidots.com");

Please note that the ESP8266 serial library uses “translate.ubidots.com” which is our old TCP broker, whilst “industrial.api.ubidots.com” is the current TCP broker for paid and STEM users.

In addition, can you try reading the serial port from your PC? That way we can check the server’s response and know exactly what the issue is