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Context - How to put inside Python to send via API

Hello All,

I am working with specific python script already published here to send some value related Internet connectivity.

However, I would like to add more variable for this project to send “Context”, like a text, string. I already have value selected in python scripts, but I cannot send via “Request.Post” to bring values on the dashaboard. My variable in dashboard keep without any value.

Is there any idea to insert those value in payload to bring those values?

Kind Regards,

Greetings, you may find python scripts examples for sending text strings to Ubidots at our docs.

All the best

I appreciate the information, but I try to execute the code and the scripts mentioned keep in loop.

Why? The status code return 201 and keep attempts.

I am newbie in Python, but I didn’t understand the issue about this loop. Is there any recommendation?

Greetings, it is not an issue, scripts examples from our docs are loops to keep running forever a routine to send data to Ubidots. My advise to you is to learn first the basics about python and then just try our scripts and adapt them to fit your needs.

All the best