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[CONTRIBUTION] sendAll() doesn't return true on success

Regarding the function sendAll():

 * Send all data of all variables that you saved
 * @reutrn true upon success, false upon error.
bool Ubidots::sendAll(bool type) {
  if (type) {
    return sendTLATE();
  } else {
    return sendHTTP();

It appears that, although the transmission is successful, the return value is false (0). It’s unclear what the return value is on failure, assuming the inverse so true (1). But this is inversed to what the Doxygen header of sendAll() states.

Is this caused by a change in the sendHTTP() or sendTLATE() return values, which are called by the sendAll() function? Or is the Doxygen header just incorrect?

See GitHub issue:

After some further research I have found the reason why 0 is returned:

The (sub)function sendTLATE() doesn’t explicitly return true at the end, unlike the sendHTTP() function (when using sendAll(false)).

I will fork the library and create a pull request with a possible fix.

Greetings, thanks for your contribution to Ubidots. We will review your PR in the next days.

All the best

No problem. Pull request created.