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Create a main dashboard of other dashboards

I want to create a dashboard that can display information on other dashboards.
For example, I have three dashboards that display information on three different devices (3 air sensors in different locations). I want to build another dashboard that could display a summary on all other devices (e.g. display if there is an indicator in one dashboard turns red). I wonder if this could be achieved in Ubidots.

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It’s not possible to link Dashboards together in that sense, or have a Dashboard’s Widget monitor the state of another Dashboard, per se. However, this could be easily overcome for Non-STEM plans using Synthetic Variables. Since the Indicator Widgets in each dashboard are monitoring certain variables, you could create a Synthetic Variable that uses an OR condition to check if any of those have a certain value (the value that makes the indicators turn red) and gives a value that you could later monitor through an Indicator widget.

This way you could have one Indicator widget on a “Summary Dashboard” that will indicate which one of the other Indicators have turned to red.

Unfortunately, for STEM plans these Advanced functions aren’t available on Synthetic Variables. For more information on Synthetic Variables, please visit this article.

Does this make sense?

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Yes, your answer is helpful. Thanks.