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Create ABV widget for me Please

I was wondering if someone could please Create an ABV widget for me to use with my ispindel, I wouldn’t ask but I’m slightly dyslexic and it’s confusing me a bit…

It needs to take the OG (original Gravity) and show measurements till the G(Gravity) stays the same for a few days and takes the FG (Final Gravity) It does a calculation and presents me with the ABV

Willing to give access to account if you can do it for me please

Thanks in advance

I am a complete novice but understand you want to know the current ABV during fermentation; is that correct?

So you need to take the max value, subtract the min value and multiply by 131.25.

I guess you need to add a variable, choose synthetic and write something like ABV =( max of SG - Min of SG) x 131.25

I’m trying to see what functions we can use but help.ubidots.com is not responding.

I found a list of functions

Thanks for the reply Kepler…

Yer that’s correct but when I try to do it, it doesn’t work trying my best,
can you do me a favour please…

Could you possibly do it on your screen so I can see what it looks like on synthetic
Thanks in advance

I haven’t sussed it yet either!

I tried MAX (Gravity, “15T” ) as I log every 15 minutes but it did not work. I think I have used my quota of dots for today as my dashboard is not updating.

Thanks for trying :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I can create a synthetic variable Gravity + Temperature and that gets a tick in the edit box

Then you have to click on the eyeball in the new variable box.

But I can’t get the MAX function to work yet

This expression is valid

max(Gravity , “15T” )

see if it works for you

I finally got a help page to load, look here

I’ve just don this, but a simple version which shows the current ABV of fermenting beer.

I just created a synthetic variable with the formula which conerts OG/SG to ABV and then created a metric widget to show this synthetic.

So it’s possible!

Please share the formula you used! Are you on a STEM account or paid?

How do you call the first cell (OG) math the last cell (FG) to = the ABV

I’m looking at someone’s formula to do the calling of the two cells as the result will be something like

Cell (1) - cell (5) * 131.25 = ABV (day one)
Cell (1) - cell (20) * 131.25 = ABV (day four)
Cell (1) - cell (50) * 131.25 = ABV (day twelve)

If you know what I mean

That is the simple formula.

To use a more accurate formula, create a synthetic variable with the following content.

(76.08 * (og- insert your gravity variable ) / (1.775-og)) * (insert your gravity variable / 0.794)

Change og=1.053 to be the original gravity of your beer. And for “insert your gravity variable” then replace with the “gravity” variable from your iSpindel device.

I want to do something like this

(max (gravity, “21D”)) - (min (gravity, “21D”)) * 131.25

The formula is valid but when I ‘ACCEPT’ it it appears briefly and then

“Oops an error occurred and the variable could not be created” comes up."

Same here when I try your formula. Perhaps “max” is a premium account feature ?

How can you view the first cell something like In Excel
(A:1 - A:2 * A:3) A:4=

As in actions you can delete rows of data

YES! You are correct

Synthetic variables computation ( math functions only - data range and advanced functions are not supported).”

Arrrrrrrrr ok thanks

You can create a ‘value table’ and this will list all the Gravity readings so you can easily find the first and last, but you can do this on a graph too. Synthetic variables can onlu use add, subtract, multiply and divide. Bummer.

Hi @kelper, @Task001, and @andywhit.

I hope all of you are well,

Indeed these types of synthetic variables are only available in our paid tier. Nonetheless, I’ve already shared this case with our Product team and this calculation will be supported in the future, I will add a “+1” to this STEM feature request.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

All the best,

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Thanks XXX

Thanks for that and the team

Also a big Thanks to Kelper for his support :grin: