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Daily quota reached message. But has not yet been achieved (iSpindel)

For a few days I have been getting this message that I have exceeded 500,000 dots. But I don’t even get 50,000 dots. Can you help me? What data do you need? Thank you very much. Markus

Now I see the problem, I’ve exceeded the dots. However, I don’t know why since I only query a few variables every 30 minutes? I have now deleted all of my calculated variables. But now I have to wait until tomorrow until I get values again. I am curious whether it will work again

Hello @Bayernsmoker

Please refer to the below 2 article to learn about Ubidots STEM limits and what Dots in and Dots out.

Good Morning. I already had over 50,000 dots out this morning. I have a device (ispindel) with 6 variables that I query every 30 minutes. So 288 dots in per day. Where do these many “dots out api” come from? Can I see somewhere which values are these exactly?

I’m having the exact same problem. I’m acquiring data every 15 minutes though. Did you solve the issue?

I think (having just set one up myself) that the dots out reflect the data required to display graphs etc on the dashboard. I’ve been trying to find a definitive answer on homebrew forums and now on here but I think perhaps that is too complicated. I switched my ispindel off yesterday and ubidots tells me 0 input and 1121 output dots - and I logged on via my phone once which took me to my dashboard. Every time I view the dashboard the api is pulling data. I have 3 metric variables - gravity, temp, battery and a dual graph of gravity and temp (interval 900 - 15 mins). When running it was outputting around 8k dots per day and for the stem account I think this is over the limit but I haven’t had that message since I was configuring (interval 30). Ive read advice such as switch off the refresh option on the webpage. I tried that and next time I logged on it had reverted to its original state. Also I deleted a number of variables - tilt and rssi. Next day they were back in my variable screen.

Confused of Cheshire.