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Dashboard display based on filter


My devices are sending data to ubidots along with gateway id. Devices can send data through any gateway that is available to the device. I want to display data based on filtering of gateway.

How to achieve such a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

Rupak Banerjee.

Thanks @rupakbanerjee for your question / feature request. Can you specify how you’re sending the gateway id? is it in the context field or the data point? This can help us determine whether a planned feature would enable your use case.

The Gateway is scanning for BLE devices, and, when any device is coming within it’s range it’s extracting the BLE data and sending it to UBIDOTS with it’s gateway id as a variable context.

We have an existing feature request to add filters to the dashboard, so we’ve included your use case for the internal discussion (use the variable context as filter). This is still not scheduled for short-term development, so unfortunately we don’t have an ETA right now.

Meanwhile, we can explore using our Synthetics Engine to create a filter based on the context. Let me ping our product team to see if this is possible and come back to you.