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Dashboard shows invalid date?

I have a dashboard which, when loaded for the first time, comes up with a nonsense timeframe and “Invalid Date”…

However, my dashboard settings say that it should show only last 4 hours…

If I navigate to the dashboard using a shared link, it comes up correctly. But if I navigate to it via logging into ubidots, and the dashboard comes up by default, it produces this invalid date issue.

Any ideas?

Greetings @h00die, I hope you are doing great.

We are sorry about this inconvenience. We highly appreciate your feedback.

Our team is currently working in order to solve this issue, on the while you can try this quick solution:

  1. Try manually selecting any start date.
  2. Tap the dashboard’s Refresh button.

By doing the steps above you should get rid of the issue.

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary measure while our team fix this.

Best regards.

Yes - I can select a timeframe like “Today” and that will fix the problem temporarily, but I have to do this every time I log in. The dashboard is usable as it is, but is just irritating. Appreciate you looking into it.


Greetings @h00die I hope you are doing great.

I just wanted to check with you that you are not facing this issue anymore. Could you please confirm that?

We’ll be attentive to your response.

Best regards