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Dashboard widget for displaying / changing device properties

I have defined some device properties and can edit them on the device panel left ribon.

On a custom dashboard I would like to display those properties and be able to change them. Most are text fields. How can this be accomplished?


Hello @digifish ,

I hope this note finds you well.

Unfortunately, there’s no native widget in Ubidots to display and change the device properties simultaneously. However, you can display the device properties by creating a device table widget or a variables table widget, click here to obtain more information. The configuration should look like this:

Another option to accomplish it is to create an HTML Canvas widget and code it to change the properties by making a PATCH request to the device endpoint and to display the properties, you could make a GET request and show it as you desired. To obtain more information about our API, you can click here.

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– Leonardo

Leonardo (and ubidots dev team/prod managers),

If you imagine a “complete” application AND want to accomplish your goal of very limited programming for your system, this is very useful.

Here is the use case…

Imagine an application where you have 30-40 trackers on big pieces of equipment. You would potentially make the “master dashboard” and it would be a static dashboard.

Now when you click on an individual device in the static dashboard, you would have it move to an INDIVIDUAL dynamic dashboard.

In the INDIVIDUAL dashboard - you might like to show the individual map WITH the tracking. You might like to show the SERVICE HISTORY with a context variable.

BUT more importantly you might want to see the PROPERTIES about the device nicely - like the machine type, the machine name, the serial number, etc. Optimally, you would like to even be able to update some properties.

I don’t think the raw device editing screen is the best screen for users. I think good for admins. So I think VERY important to have a simpler screen without all of the things that users could screw up.

I don’t know how hard coding an HTML canvas is, but display a single property, display all the properties (maybe wildcard?), and then UPDATE properties seems like a really simple function that is important.

Again, I’m just trying to be consistent with your company goal of minimal coding.