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Data Extraction limit exceeded

I get the banner that data extraction limit exceeded 51,xxx … However, when I go to My Account and check usage for today (9/11) it shows Dots Out (API) as 19,942. I have no problem if I exceeded the daily limit. However, is the usage table current or does it lag actually use.

Some of this is addressed in thread:

But the question about account usage being low vs. message being displayed was not answered. It was stated that it was possibly a bug in the account usage page. Is this true or is the count wrong.

So the 51.xxx looks suspiciously like a total of 2 days of in+out

Hi @Jmchep,

Thank you for letting us know about this situation. The Dots Out is the sum of the dots extracted through two (2) outbound channels.

  • API : Data requested by external applications or devices from our API
  • Front-end: Data requested by the web interface (Dashboard and devices). This includes all the queries required to render dashboards, CSV reports, variables, etc.

The dots out consumption are only visible in the profile usage by the end of the day, the count reset at UTC 00:00. We already checked the count of both dots out and in and the counting is working as expected.

I hope I have clarified your doubts and concerns about this, if not pleas let me know.

All the best,

Yep understand the concept but the reality is that without immediate feedback from viewing a dashboard, changing to a different device and displaying a variable, etc… it is virtually impossible to get a feel for how many dots are being consumed. I realize I am only using as a hobby for an ispindel but I find this frustrating to not have a way to actually have a live dot counter.

I really am impressed with what I can create in the dashboard. Also, I think the STEM account for schools and hobbyist is cool both in terns of marketing and spreading the concept of IoT. I do work for an environmental firm that does field studies where we employ many data collection devices. I can definately see using this in addition to our own data collection services. My guess is that this is not an issue in paid accounts because Dots can be counted in developed apps. If not, I would find this a severe limitation.