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Data issue after migrating to stem

After successfully migrating from trial to a stem account my device (ispindel) is there but the data stopped being received at the time of migration. (7 days ago)
I cant find a way to resolve this any suggestions or help please.

Hello @simale,

I trust you’re well.

Upon examining your data ingestion logs for troubleshooting purposes, everything seems to be in order, and notably, you haven’t exceeded the data ingestion limits.

Also, you haven’t exceed the number of devices limitation for an STEM account. With that in mind, I’d like to discuss a few specific details:

Did you undergo a migration on the 17th or 18th of this month? It’s notable that there was no data received on the 17th, but data was recorded on the 18th. Subsequently, there’s been no data until today.

Based on this pattern, I’m inclined to believe that the issue may not stem from Ubidots. Could you kindly verify things from the device’s end?

Best regards

Hi, Thankyou for your help. I migrated from a trial to stem on the 18th and left my device (an Ispindel) switched on. My account has migrated but the data stopped being received/recorded by the stem app at the time of migration.
Just to be sure I have switched off, recharged and turned on my device and then checked it is working within its own configuration software. It is all working fine and transmitting data but the Stem app is not receiving/recording the data.
I also logged out/in Ubidots just in case.
It is a problem with Ubidots stem as far as I can tell and i cant find a similar issue in the community to help.
regards Gary

I noticed that this message flashes up when I click on my device

Greetings @simale I hope this message finds you well.

We’ve just fixed the issue with your device, you should have data already on it. Can you confirm this please?

Best regards

–Juan David

Thankyou, all working correctly. Kind regards Gary