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Data Points Question

I am confused why do some variables go back days while other variables only go back hours? My data is all posting at the same interval am I missing some setting? I was going to do a day over day comparison which is where I noticed some data is not being recorded the same.

also i am using a DEV account and it is telling me I am almost at my limit of data points I assume at that point it just starts over writing old data?

Tks for the help!

Hello @Herner,

The variable view displays the last 2,000 dots posted by your variable. It is possible that one variable might have sent a burst of data, while another might have stopped transmitting for a while and the be back online.

As for your account, it usually stops after 30,000 dots and you won’t be able to send more data. The reason you were being able to send a bit more dots is because we had you on an “Early Adopter Plan” : )

Woah I had no idea it would stop taking data with the dev account I clearly misread. So if I understand correctly very shortly my account will be unusable unless I upgrade?

Also with respect your description of how data works is wrong Derived variables is storing TONS of data where as non-derived variables are storing much less. Its not a matter of burst data as far as I can see.

Hi @Herner, your account will still get 30,000 free dots every month. If you require more usage per month, then you would have upgrade to a higher capacity plan.

Would you please send us your variables ID’s to support@ubidots.com? Please indicate which is normal and which has an unexpected behaviour. We will try to identify the exact issue you’re facing. Thanks!

Candidly I am not sure this format will work for us. My impression was 30,000 is all it could store after which it would start over writing data. I did not realize we would need to plan out all the data points to make sure we never exceed them.

It reads that it ‘automatically’ charges for extra usage on the paid plans which is not ideal considering I just discovered all my derived variables are updating ever second.

Love the service disappointed in my own failure to understand how you will be charging for the paid service.

Hi, sorry to hear you feel this way after engaging with our service. While most hobbyist users are comfortable with the 30k free dot limit, more advanced users switch to the $5/mo plan because it gives them 10x more capacity at a small fee.

If your project seems to exceed millions of data-points per month, we’d be happy to discuss it and find a fair point that works for you or your company.