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Date Formats - why did they change them?

I don’t suppose the cretin that designed the new dashboard would like to admit their complete cockup would they? Didn’t think so.
I set a date style on the dashboard (what we in the trade would call SHORT DATE format) - dd/mm/yy hh:mm
When I add a new widget it changes the date format from what it says (set by dashboard) to some idiot display format instead.
And why did they change a perfectly functional UI to this stupid style now? Instead os a single page to set a widget and define how I want it to look I have two pages.
The designer of the UI update clearly only went to art school one one day and it railed that day so the teacher didn’t show up.

Hello @tanj666,
Thank you for reaching out to our Community Support. I hope that you are having a wonderful day.

I’ve tried to attempt the condition that you briefly described, however, I wasn’t successful since all newly created widgets showed the dates in the same format that was selected in the Dashboard settings. In this case, the format was dd/mm/yy hh:mm.

Could you please share screenshots of how your dashboard and widgets are configured, and then a screenshot of how the Dates are showing on the Dashboard?

On the other hand, it’s sad for us to hear that you didn’t like the new UI design for the platform, as surprising as it may be, many users have told us that they like it and that it has improved their perception of the interface.

I’ll be attentive to your response.

Best regards,


Well, thats just wierd! Now the widgets show ‘set by dashboard’ properly and not some obtuse format used by accountants.

Must have been the reload of the page I just did. I did notice that when I created my currebt dashboard it reverted to the older style of widget builder for 2 widgets but the annoying new style for the first 4. Now I realised that it depends on widget style - Metrics vs Line Graph. Metrics use the annoying multiple page idea while Line Graphs are the older style.

This tells me that the UI change really is cosmetic only and only part-way complete, set by widget type. So why not allow users the option of the simpler, more efficient older style single page over the easily missed requires-an-extra-click-or-two simpleton accountant preferred style?

And why is the display name for the variable part of its appearance? the first time I created a dashboard I followed my age old pattern, click-type-tab-type-etc and suddenly I had a bunch of new widgets all called ‘Metric’, at least you could default the name to the variable selected couldn’t you?