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Deleted variables reappear the next day


When I added my iSpindel device to ubidots (STEM) it had 6 variables (Tilt, rssi, gravity, battery, interval, temperature). To try to reduce the dots in from my iSpindel device I deleted 3 variables which I didn’t need on a day to day basis. The next day I logged on to the website and the variables were back and visible. Is that because the API token pulls them in by default? I assumed that if I deleted them they would stay deleted.

Any advice appreciated.

Good day @mdd1967,

Thank your for sharing your question with the community.
If you delete a variable or an Ubidots device, internally we delete any register that we have from the device and variable and will remain in that way. If you keep sending data using the API to those variables, Ubidots will create them again, you need to stop sending data to the variable and then delete them in that way you will not consumed dots and they would not appear in the device.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

All the best,