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Devices table context type

Hi there,

I am currently building an IoT dashboard where I can see the connectivity of my devices.
Since there will be people from different countries looking at it, it is important to make it easy to understand the dashboard.

My problem is that I would like to show a red dot when the connection is lost, and a green dot when the connection is good. I have tried with a values table and there you can put a context type IMAGE but you can’t in devices table. Is there a work around to put images into a “device table”?

The Values table has these context options:

The Devices table only has these context options

Can someone help, Thanks.


Setting an image in the context is not currently supported for the Device Table Widget, however, it is indeed in the roadmap.

In the meanwhile, you can reach back to us for any other question.

Best regards.

Would a possible solution be an html canvas?

Oh cool, I’d be very interested in that, hopefully it is planned for the near future.

Thanks for the help

If this is possible to do with a table and then put pictures as the values then that’d be perfect as well. I will try to fiddle around with this and see if I can get this to work.

It’s a good idea, thanks!

I haven’t done one myself. But it seems possible. Love to hear how it goes.