Difficulties with receiving a Ubidots type of data

Hi! Comunity!
Thank you in advance for a help here.
I have device where I need to receive a set of numbers arranged like the example below.{3364,1688,464,1236,492,400,460,404,468,396,464,428,460,404} to my esp32.
Everything works fine with my device and the Ubidots platform but I couldn’t find ways to send este formato de dados. I tried using the “Manual imput widget” and “Context data” , but the function (ubidots.get) do device only get the assigned numeric values, not the characters.

I recently tried using (char* context = ubidots.getContext(DEVICE_LABEL_TO_RETRIEVE_VALUES_FROM, VARIABLE_LABEL_TO_RETRIEVE_VALUES_FROM); But the function "getContext was not found by the compiler.
I will be immensely happy with yours advice.

Hello @Canalli

Thank you for sharing your question with the community!

Unfortunately, the Ubidots’ HTTP library of the ESP32 doesn’t support retrieving the context of the last dot, so I suggest the following solutions:

  1. Make a request to retrieve the variable’s data with the context without using the Ubidots’ library because, as I mentioned, it doesn’t retrieve the context.
  2. Use the Ubidots’ MQTT library because, this way, you could subscribe to all the dot’s data, and then, you could parse it to get the context.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.

All the best,