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Double axis graphs - how to assign variables to axes?

I am trying to create a double axis graph as a widget, with 1 variable on one y-axis and 5 variables on the second y-axis. I can’t figure out if there’s a way to specify which variable goes on which axis – it seems to happen automatically (and not in the way that I need them). How can I do this?

Hello @sokol,

I’m sorry but in this moment we don’t support more that two variables in the widget Double Axis.
On the other hand in the creation of the widget Double Axis the first variable that you choose will appear in the left side and the second in the right side.

All the best,
kath :grinning:

Ok. Could you please put this on your list of features to add?

Greetings @sokol,

Yes of course, this feature will be in our backlog on demand. :grinning: