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Download data csv via dashbaord

how can the sensor data be downloaded by the user if they can only see the dashbaord via a shared link?
is there an option in the widgets to allow them to download the csv data?

Greetings @JW3141, hope you are doing great.

The only possible way to use the Download feature to download a device’s data is by being the owner of the dashboard or a user under a organization that owns said dashboard. If the dashboard is being shared to you by a public link, there is no way to accomplish what you describe.

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Thanks Juan

So it can be set up to allow a user access and set up their dashboard?
please can you tell me how that works
what plan is needed for that?

Greetings @JW3141, hope you are doing great

Ubidots Professional plan and above allow both, user and organizations management. For your particular case, you’d be able to segment your Ubidots account into a set of Devices, Dashboards and Events (Organization) accessible only for certain Users. Please head to the following article.

If you happen to have any other question, please let us know.

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