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Downloading custom date data in Sources tab

Hi, I’m getting a trouble that relates to downloading custom date data of variable in Sources tab.

My selected variable has a lot of data stored on Ubidots cloud, and I need to download these data to my computer, but when I chose the custom time, from Sept, 22 to Oct, 12 the data were displayed and after clicked on “Export to CSV” there is an option for me to receive these data via my email because of the large data size. But after that, I received nothing from Ubidots, no mail came.

So, how can I download my custom data of variable when these data is too large to directly download from Ubidots cloud?

Please see the attached photos for more details.

Does anyone have any solutions for this problem?
Please help me!.

Hello @chauhuynh, I just tried and it does work for me.

Maybe you can publish your username and our support team will check your account.

Catalina M.

Hmm. Thank Kath, I rechecked many times, but still the same problem - suggested to receive data via email, but nothing comes after.
I logged into Ubidots using Facebook account, user name is “chauhuynh” -

Hope to resolve this problem soon.