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Embedded link on dashboard to external site

Hi! First post here. For that matter, first post on an online forum ever.

I want to embed a set of links on the dashboard that correspond to the various widgets on my dashboard. I then want to be able to click the link and have it route to a different public website where I offer more information and use cases about the data being captured on the dashboard.

Any help or guidance would be great!

Hello there,

Thank you for sharing your question with the community.

Now, in order for us to better troubleshoot, can you please expand on the behavior you’re looking to achieve? when you mention that correspond to the various widgets you refer to widgets from 3rd parties?

I’ll be attentive to your response since I don’t quite understand your question.

Thanks Sergio - i think it is figured out. I have a colleague who was showing me how to use HTML to retitle widgets and make those titles external links. What we are trying to do is link to an external landing page from the dashboard. Is there an easier/more straight forward way that we should be considering?

thank you