Energy supplier usage data

Has anyone managed to connect to the usage interval data from their Energy Supplier???

Hello @smcmahon,

Can you please expand on your question as well as clarifying how does it relate with Ubidots platform?
This could help us and the community better address your question.


Many companies shadow meter their electricity and gas usage to get real-time data on their energy usage. However most suppliers now have connected smart meters And can supply you a link to a portal so you can see this real time data without installing your own meters. However raw energy use data is limited in its usefulness when it come to looking for performance improvement measures. What is really necessary is to divide you energy use by your output. ie in a factory you measure kWh per product made. I am using Ubidots to folate and display a count of products made per hour and it would be useful for me to also have energy used per hour in the same platform.

Think of it like fetching weather data from the weather bureau instead of installing your own weather station.

Thanks @smcmahon for the explanation.

Now, connecting to a third party data source such as your Energy Supplier could be possible only if they would expose such data through a public API. If that would be the case, then you could use UbiFunctions, our FaaS module (Functions as a Service) to query said API, retrieve your energy usage data and then send it to your Ubidots account.

Does your Energy supplier expose this data over a public API or through a link to their portal?