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Error loading your data and Data Quota

I am getting the error “Error loading your data” and " You’ve reached your daily quota of data extraction. You’ve retrieved 500442/500000 dots today". I have 1 iSpindel taking SG, Tilt, Battery and Temp readings every 15 Minutes so cannot see how I could have retrieved over 1/2 million dots. Does anyone know why I am getting these errors.

Greetings @Haggis2021, I hope you are doing great.

This error is related to the “Dots Out” metric in your Ubidots account, not the “Dots In”.

“Dots Out” is a measure that includes outbound data transfer, database query operations, and processing server load. It’s a key part of how we ensure fair usage and maintain the performance of our platform.

In your case, the error message is indicating that the processing limit for your Ubidots STEM account has been exceeded. This isn’t related to the number of Dots you’re sending, but rather the overall processing load on the platform.

Being free and non-commercial, Ubidots STEM has certain limitations in terms of features and capacity. You can learn more about the differences between Ubidots and Ubidots STEM here.

I hope I was clear enough, if that wasn’t the case, please reach back to us.

Best regards.

-Juan David